Chronostasis x Overhaul

Chronostasis x Overhaul

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Fwuzzycat By Fwuzzycat Updated Sep 02

This is a story about a depressed and suicidal boy named Hari Kurono. After attempting suicide he was brought into a mental hospital for treatment. This is where he meets his therapist Kai Chisaki. Not long after first meeting this man, he falls in love but the hospital forbids relationships between staff and patients. Are they destined to be apart or will life be generous on the two.

Ok I also have my own backstory on Chrono and Kai so I'm gonna go by that, so none of this is canon. 

I have also never been to a mental hospital or anything and don't know much about them, so don't get triggered if I have gotten stuff wrong.

Last thing is that in this world quirks aren't a thing and Hari and Kai don't know each other.