London's Bad Boy. (Slowly Editing)

London's Bad Boy. (Slowly Editing)

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MoonlightScribbles By MoonlightScribbles Updated Feb 25, 2013

Moving to another town, acceptable. Moving to another state, understandable. Moving to another country, that was complete torture.

Nicole Andersini, a seventeen year old girl, and her brother were forced to move from the fun, energetic, NYC to the boring, old, London by their 'loving' mother. 
Obviously, at it being the beginning of senior year and forced to start completely over, Nicole was more than angry. 

Andrew Taylor, an eighteen year old Casanova, is the citiy's bad boy. Andrew, is the type of boy every girl wanted to 'fix', you know, be able to say 'Yep, he changed just for me'. He was the total package to most girls eyes, charming and dangerous. 
So, what happen's when Nicole Andersini and Andrew Taylor are introduced?
What happens when the new girl in town, meets London's Bad Boy?

Cliche, At first.
Horrible, Absolutely not. 
Something you'll want to read.

-It's your average Bad Boy, with a twist.-

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ssomeonenew ssomeonenew Mar 27
Just take a stick and put it in the extra one, it’s just a safety pin
1-800-oof 1-800-oof Mar 19
She thinks londons boring she should come to where I live all we have is cornfields and soybeans😭
1-800-oof 1-800-oof Mar 19
I wish I played hockey the only time I get to play it is in gym😭so I hit people I don't like with the stick when the teachers not looking😭😂
I love London. I used to live there but I don’t. I lost my accent. 😪
Who else says spaghetti as (spah) - (ge) - (ee). I’m currently losing my accent bc i now live in the USA 🇺🇸.
schnazyyy schnazyyy Apr 18
Um... you should be encouraging your daughter play sports woman