She Totally Marries The Hot Prince [Original] ✔

She Totally Marries The Hot Prince [Original] ✔

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He's a hot prince. She's a Damsel in distress. Wtf else is there for them to do?

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**This is the original Wattpad draft, and has been updated and re-drafted for publication purposes**

[Complete] Being a 'Damsel' means always being captured and waiting to be rescued, even if you are perfectly capable of escaping on your own, thank you. It means looking your best, even after being attacked at the King's ball by a hoard of monstrous trolls. It means falling for the Prince riding on a mighty steed to your aid, even if he is just the absolute worst--- and you have no interest in physical romance, at all. 
Charlie is one of those titled a 'Damsel' at birth. But, when her hero comes to sweep her off her feet, she learns that her destined adventure is the land's next great erotic romance tale. The problem? Charlie is completely and hopelessly asexual. 
She can only hope for a way to escape her fate, and for someone to take her far, far away. But there are worse things in Relme than long flowing locks of hair and moonlit abs. 
Especially when you deny your appointed destiny.

'The UnTitled' is a satirical take on modern and classic fantasy, romance, and fairytales.

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