One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story) Part 3

One Night Could Change Everything (Teen Love Story) Part 3

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ShinySharkTeeth1208 By ShinySharkTeeth1208 Updated Aug 10, 2013

The directions Aaron sent me weren't too far from school. By the address I knew that he lived in the higher class part of town.

I don't know why I never realized he was probably quite rich, considering his clothes are always brand new and he drives a fricken charger. Like, even if I worked two jobs and had my parents help me out, I still couldn't afford a charger. That's saying something.

As I drove, the houses started getting bigger and more, I don't know, glamorous almost. No ones lawn was even just a little out of place, the fences were high and sharp looking, and exspensive cars filled their driveways.

I drove slowly through the neighborhood carefully checking my phone to see if the address was close.

I finally pulled up to a huge, clinically white house with tons of wooded landscaping, which made it seem more like some kind of doctor's office or law building, rather than a house. To be honest, it was intimidating.

I parked and trudged up to the front door feeling super nervou...

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PiyushaGhodke PiyushaGhodke Sep 24, 2014
this is the awesm teen love story i ever read.............................. !!!!!!!!!!!! plz dnt stop writing and keep updating fast . u r doing good job !!!
JennahLovesAnimals JennahLovesAnimals Dec 10, 2013
LOVE IT!!!!! I was so mad when she chose Scott. You are an amazing writer. You kept my attention and had a lot of details.I got so mad when my computer turned off, I used all of the battery reading this, while I was just at the good part I almost screamed! It's absolutely amazing.
niallsfrappuccino niallsfrappuccino Nov 26, 2013
Ive fell on love woth this story 1 and 2 were good but i like this one the best oh please continue it!!!
wolf1015 wolf1015 Aug 27, 2013
Love it first story i read on here. Followed you from the other website it was on. Please keep writing
Fazziie-Wazziie Fazziie-Wazziie Feb 21, 2013
basically i really love this story and i was wondering if you could email the story to me cos i wanna read it on my mp3 player....sorry if it is too much work xD
ChloeGoulsbraMiller ChloeGoulsbraMiller Nov 20, 2012
I really love this story it's amazing ur such a good writer! :) x