Lady of the Dark (Mature VOCALOID Fanfic)

Lady of the Dark (Mature VOCALOID Fanfic)

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AmyCamila111 By AmyCamila111 Updated Jul 22, 2019

Mayu Akumane is the most dangerous girl ever met. However, things go wrong when she becomes the head of a dungeon her family owns and she mistreats some of the slaves, even kidnapping young boys. When two catch her eyes, she spares them.


Mayu × Len

Mayu × VY2

Mayu × KEN

Mayu × KYO

Mayu × YUU

Mayu × WIL

Fukase × Piko

Mayu × Piko

Mayu × Fukase

Lenka × Piko

Lenka × Fukase