A Vacation Forever (HTTYD)

A Vacation Forever (HTTYD)

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Amelia By Wolfygrace Completed

Hiccup is devastated, he has been chosen to kill the dragon. But he can't, that would be betraying Toothless, not that he would be able to do it anyway.

What would happen if he ran away, never to return? Well that's exactly what he does. And if misfortune leads the gang to his island 5 years later, what will happen? And what adventures will follow? 

Ps: Httyd belong to DreamWorks

Nyrala Nyrala Nov 27
That chapter was great! And the conversations were absolutely fine
Nyrala Nyrala Nov 27
It was a good first chapter! Really simple and expected, though, but sometimes that's good!
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Apr 03
Hofferson, Yorgonson, Haddock, Thorston, Ingerman... Yah. Last names, HOORAY
Lone_GirlWolf Lone_GirlWolf Oct 02, 2015
Yea yea yea the spellings fine the 3 idiots are NOT why would they faint any way that just doesn't make any sence
TheNextDescendant TheNextDescendant Aug 23, 2015
*caught@Stars_ArcherGuardian who caught @Kitkatpro but like the two also faints*
__Temmie_ __Temmie_ Feb 11, 2015
When is this set?.. As in after or before the Vikings made peace with the dragons??