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Sam Winchester's Daughter

Sam Winchester's Daughter

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Julia By xjuarasilvax Updated Apr 12, 2016

Dean was always expected to knock up girls and probably have children...right? Yet, who knew Sammy had a little one night stand himself? Of course, he doesn't know until five years later when someone from his past shows up with something dangerous for the future...his daughter.
  ||I do not own any of the characters of supernatural such as Sam and Dean. This is purely fictional and for entertainment purposes. I do own this story and all that is within it came from my own creativity. Only some scenes from the actual show are pulled so that it is kept together and more realistic.||

imprettypsychotic imprettypsychotic Jul 02, 2016
Just imagine Becca like:   hey wassup bitch this is my daughter yours too. You left me with her now I'm leaving you with her PEACE OUT BITCHES
SupernaturalDAS SupernaturalDAS Mar 24, 2016
I love it so far. I don't think anyone has ever though of Sam having a daughter. And you actually put it in the right senario (I know I didn't spell it right)
dinogirlrawr2654 dinogirlrawr2654 Dec 18, 2016
i love her! it doesn't seem like she wants Sam back, she just want's her kid to know her dad, and then she be like, boi, bye.
aestheticalajay aestheticalajay Feb 11, 2016
When you're smiling like an idiot at your phone and your family is looking at you like you stepped on a kitten 😂
canyoubemyfour canyoubemyfour Jun 03, 2016
A story that starts out like this must be great! *sarcasm intended*
                              No offense author-Chan XD
Storm1001 Storm1001 Jul 08, 2016
Oh yeah btw I haven't seen you in five years here a five year old girl she's your daughter