A Cold Wind of Change

A Cold Wind of Change

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I saw him through the dust and rubble for the very first time and thought he was the hero sent to save me when I looked into his smiling eyes the very first time. We had been caught in a landslide, me and some friends and it was his father who came down to rescue us leaving me last. 

Then we got caught under the rubble.

It was love at first sight the first time I saw him, the one his father called Baz. At least it was on my part. I thought it was on his too.

But he soon showed me that it was not the case going as far as to think I was a stalker with me always seeming to turn up in the same place at the same time after the one and only time we hooked up together.

But I was so wrong about him. Especially when he did the unthinkable after I told him in confidence what my home life was really like. 

Leaving me physically and mentally scarred a few years later while trying to raise a daughter he never knew about was not an easy task with me now suffering from PTSD. 

But I try to live as quietly as possible raising my little girl as best I could away from the spotlight with other people, including those who I thought would be safe for me to be with is not easy.

Then he came back into our lives and met the daughter he never knew he had trying to make amends for the past that gave me nightmares every time I closed my eyes.

I feel like a cold wind rushes through me each time I see him. A cold wind that changes me, makes me colder. I don't know if I will ever feel safe again.

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