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DijahLove. By dijah_love Updated Mar 02, 2016

Miracle "Mimi" Johnson is a 23 year old woman born and raised in the center of Atlanta. Ever  since she could remember her father was always the big man around town. He had everthing, the money, cars, clothes, you name it. But it wasn't until the age of 18 she learned what her father really did for a living. He owned a underground business called SERVICE. Service wasn't your typical trap warehouse, SERVICE only served the wealthy; Only Atlanta's finest got to buy from them. And when the bill got to high to pay, The SERVICE girls stepped in to make sure the tab was paid.  Once Miracle's father dies, she's the one with enough knowledge to make sure things keep running smoothly, but when they run short of SERVICE girls, Miracle has to step in and play the game. What will happen when she has to "service" The #1 man in Atlanta?

Epicson Epicson Oct 17, 2016
Son I dead ass thought I was on like chapter 10... dang, this a bomb a$$ prologue! This is so good :).
BG_Nae BG_Nae 6 days ago
Bruh pops a drug lord nd he got people coming for him so he tryna keep her safe duh
QxeenAshii QxeenAshii Nov 20, 2016
So the doctor think it's funny to make a joke like this? 😰
Epicson Epicson Oct 17, 2016
Lmaooooo 😭 this something I'd do, but watch me start problems since my school right in the hood.
Epicson Epicson Oct 17, 2016
Me come this June 😭 can't believe highschool really ending
trinnade_ trinnade_ Oct 17, 2016
She lowkey hiding behind her daddy , if he wasn't so powerful I'm sure she woulda got her asss beat😂😂