An Unexpected Night *Being Edited* (BoyxBoy)(Mpreg)

An Unexpected Night *Being Edited* (BoyxBoy)(Mpreg)

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Liyah By xAlternativeTwistx Completed


Pierce was just a broken teenager trying to support him and his brother. He didn't  have the best life  and his family was broken and barely making it. He felt like he was trapped in a very unhappy life in a very dangerous cycle. However one night  on his way back home, he runs into a not-so-friendly drunk stranger and things get serious.  He figures this is the end for him until a wolf appears changes his whole life. 

Little did he know this wolf would be the one he spent the rest of his life with...


This is a boyxboy (gay) love story, so if you don't like it, don't read it.

ohboyjoey ohboyjoey Jun 17
Gay people understand my whiny-ass depressed life better than straight ones.
You called us awesome >////<  but really your the awesome one. And no need to worry we got you
I just turned my story to an mpreg recently. Male pregnancy is just so cute and idk why
I love gay things I read a story every night and call it my bedtime story😂
Jaekpoper13 Jaekpoper13 Sep 05
ladyxme ladyxme May 29
Mpreg I always wondered what that meant thanks knew had something to do with gay boy relations I love male pregnancies it makes me feel like nothing is impossible