A Beauty In A Geek. (BTS Fanfic) CURRENTLY EDITING

A Beauty In A Geek. (BTS Fanfic) CURRENTLY EDITING

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min By kouumin Updated Dec 25, 2015

She is pretty but chosed to hide her beauty behind those fake glasses. Later on she gets a job, being a makeup artist for Bts the famous rookie group. 

Sadly.. They hate her. 

Bts sees her without the bad image.. They don't recognize her & Jae Yoon is panicking. 

Will they find out?

"Hey,We haven't met have we?" 

"You really don't know who I am?"

Damn, my English is trash and I can barely speak a bit of Spanish and Chinese.
Ummm I am reading a first fanfic where bts are really -____- I just can't image that but we'll it's in this fanfic and I really love this
I would want ot do that too. If they weren't BTS. And they weren't my crushes
MikiUzumaki MikiUzumaki Sep 23
But isn't it igaejibaega? That makes more sense and it's kind of irritating for people that know korean, like me. Sorry if I offended you
Zati_ft2730 Zati_ft2730 Nov 26
I think u should improve ur english.. because u keep confusing me.. first, you wrote "my room" then "her room".. second, it's "furnitures" not "fournitures".
I actually know all of them. Not fluent in Japanese or Korean though