Hidden Jewels

Hidden Jewels

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Naan2015 By Naan2015 Updated Dec 26, 2019

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..."

In the distant past, there were two German brothers by the names of Jacob Ludwig Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm. Out of love of folklore, the magic of storytelling, and oral traditions, they travelled across the European continent collecting local stories of adventure, magic, love, and hope. This is common knowledge. What isn't is of their final legacy: an organization that continued their dream to collect and share stories from every corner of the world.

The Truth Exposure Agency (T.E.A.) was founded by the Grimm Brothers and evolved to reveal the true characters and plots hidden by modern franchise and trends. After entering TEA, newcomer Bob came to realize that his job description was not all it was pegged out to be. Though there are plenty of comedic clashes of ideals and opinions, with his two seniors, the boisterous Kat and easy-going Tom, the trio began a journey to spill the tea.

And it all begins in ancient Germany with...

Snow White.