Modern Cinderella

Modern Cinderella

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Sobh Khoso By sobh_kh050 Updated Jun 23, 2019

Meet Emma, the modern Cinderella. Helping her friends was one of her hobbies and from that she got the title; Cinderella. Her so called friend- Samantha has always been by her side, guiding her about Cinderella tricks like; how to get a prince, how abbra ka dabra magic worked and how the cat can turn into a carriage man.

On the other hand, Enrique Pattinson was the richest man of Germany having wealth, money, power, looks and a brilliant personality; for which every girl dreamed of. He had everything he wanted under his control, whereas, Emma had lots of things to control, but the time was not enough for her.

Will this Cinderella meet her prince charming?

Who will that be?

Who knew that the billionaire named Enrique may be her prince? Or maybe Carter?

Lots of tasks were chasing after her, her life was that mess to be called a Cinderella's life.

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