Im Fine (Sakura Haruno FanFict)

Im Fine (Sakura Haruno FanFict)

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Bag On My Head By AKB49-5 Updated Nov 28, 2014

I hope you guys enjoy this fan fiction, but let me tell you, this isn't going to be about Sakura in the Akasuki , or her in the modern world or her being super powerful! This, is different.

Sakura is a regular fan girl, loves Sasuke to death, her rival Ino, dose not like Naruto, and all she could think about is Sasuke, un till one day

One day when she insulted Naruto about not having parents to Sasuke and Sasuke called her annoying Sakura became sad, and while walking home she slipped,

She was falling, she was near death un till, her father saved her. He dived in and saved her. But that cost his life.

It was now a funeral, every one in the Haruno family felt bad about Sakura, no one out side the Haruno family knew of her father's death, every single Haruno pity her, besides her mother

Her mother was depressed for a couple of days un till one day she snapped, she started to yell and abuse Sakura, mentally and physically. Over time every one started to notice something was wrong, especially team seven

"Hey Sakura, are you all right?" Naruto asked

Sakura looked at Naruto and gave him a cute closed eye smile "don't worry Naruto...I'm fine..."

thank you @laterz for you two taking the time to make the cover for me!!!! great job!