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salam. By imxginethatkid Updated May 27, 2015

"Just know..." he said huskily. I gulped, silently as he used a finger to trail a smooth line down the side of my left arm sleeve, leaving shivers travelling down my back.
"...that even though this might be fake, a sham or a lie to the rest of the world..."
He leaned his body in closer and his head neared to mine as his musky, woody scented body aroma got richer and stronger.
"," he raised his brows and whispered, "...are mine."
Strangers. We all start off as strangers. But when Aaliyah Hussein, a 20 year old average muslim girl who doesn't think twice about love, stumbles across a stranger willing to offer her a life changing opportunity, the idea of 'love' doesn't seem all bad. 
He's your typical, arrogant business man, it's his way or no way. When 23 year old Khalil Al'Saeed meets his match, what could possibly go wrong? Little do both of these strangers know that six months together will begin a memorable journey beyond what they expected. Two worlds, two contrasting lifestyles of two different people and all it takes is a signiture. Where will his ultimate life changing love contract take her? 
·imxginethatkid 2014-15·

113940s 113940s Jan 21
im tryin to figure out whether its worth starting the book cos it hasnt been updated since 2015
hailnarry hailnarry Jun 17, 2016
Guys just imagine that Arizona has a beach, it's a fictional content the author can make up that unicorns exist if she wanted to
AJSaenz AJSaenz Jan 06, 2016
After that I can't read anymore. I just feel its not not going to have reliable content.
_damn_daniel_ _damn_daniel_ Nov 23, 2015
Ayyye I have an El before last name too except mine is El not Al. Ok fine I'll shut up
_damn_daniel_ _damn_daniel_ Nov 23, 2015
Uh no I would've been like "I am goddamn Lebanese princess and nobody speaks to me like that" lol I'm not really a princess but hey in my head there's a million fantasies
_damn_daniel_ _damn_daniel_ Nov 23, 2015
Why are people so mad about the cussing. It's the 21st century people grow up