Danisnotonfire and Zoella

Danisnotonfire and Zoella

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                                                                           Dan POV:

Alright I'm just going to say it. I like Zoe. Plain and simple. I like her. I know she is dating Alfie I just can't control my feelings. The only people that know are Cat, Phil, and Louise. I told Cat and Phil myself because they are my best friends. Louise found out by herself, I guess I was starring at Zoe at one of her parties or something. I would obviously never tell her because she is dating Alfie. I guess I will just be lonely forever.

Phil: Hey Dan, morning

Dan: Hey

Phil: Don't forget that we have a party to go to tonight.

Dan: Oh shit I totally forgot.

Phil: You better go and get ready we are meeting up with Zoe and Louise early. *Wiggles eyebrows.

Dan: Oh shut up, you know it will never happen.

Phil rolls his eyes.

                                                                             Zoe pov;

Today I am throwing a party. Because why not. Alot of people are coming. I am mostly ...

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kawaii39123 kawaii39123 Mar 23, 2017
i followed you because u r the only wattpad person who has made a zoe and dan story
littlelion04 littlelion04 Jun 09, 2017
This line was once the president of linetopia and 3 kids. They were a perfect family. His wife died 6 months after the youngest son was born, from cancer. He started to drink himself to sleep every night. The oldest daughter took care of the house and her younger siblings.
StephV02 StephV02 Jul 25, 2015
They really would make beautiful babies... oh God but I ship Phan AND Zalfie, the struggle is real
youcantpredicttheend youcantpredicttheend Jul 06, 2015
They would make the best babies ever!!! They would be so cute and they would be the best YouTube kids ever
bexutifultrxgedy bexutifultrxgedy Aug 22, 2014
I wonder what their ship name would be............
                              PLZ UPDATE DIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!