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🤍Colette🤍 By MAOWKII Updated Feb 12

"Bangtan Sonyeondan"

The biggest, most fear gang in Seoul for multiple reasons. Their ruthless business and skills where completely unmatched and unbeaten. Their members where known worldwide and they almost completely run the crime world. 

Primrose just wanted to open a small happy flower shop in Seoul. However the place she found was the heart of the city where their influence stood over everything. Those around and smaller gangs immediately fell for the happy girl's charms and laughs with her small daisies and roses for people who pass. 

However when a handsome man investigated what has their lower gangs whipped, he soon understands with a Landini Lily which was given to him by the owner herself. 

However when these lilies start being dropped at the notorious "BTS" scenes the police start to stick their noses into her shop and causing trouble for the flower girl. 

The gang must protect the one person who's helped and shown them kindness and Seokjin but protect who he's fallen so hard for. 

But will it be enough to keep her out of the limelight of crime.