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After the death of The Alpha and Kate Argent, Cyra thought things would finally start to turn upside for her, or at least she hoped so. But when the Argents call in some special reinforcements to deal with her brother, the new alpha of the town, and his new recruits, the town of Beacon Hills is far from peaceful. Add on the mini Godzilla roaming the streets, killing people at random and strange dreams about her dead uncle and they've got some problems. 
Cyra's got a hell of a lot on her plate, and not enough time to save the day. 

A Stiles Stilinski Fan-Fiction. 
Sequel to "SHADOW"
Book 2 of the "White Wolf" series. 

All rights to the show and it's characters go to Jeff Davis and MTV.

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lmaostiles lmaostiles Jul 24, 2017
I want her to say something about how stiles said he likes ( prolly loves) cyra and not Lydia but how's he's pretty much acting like the opposite
dylerrobrosey dylerrobrosey Aug 07, 2017
                              Tbh I never shipped stydia and I still don't because she ignored him for years. I still want Stalia😂😂
AsunaN3 AsunaN3 Jul 27, 2016
Her and Malia are cousins but hey the   writer might call them sisters
hidejeon hidejeon Feb 27, 2016
I wish I could jump into the story, give her a good slap and tell her that if she doesn't get enough sleep she's gonna get weak and those scenarios are gonna get toubled.
All_Hale_Slytherin All_Hale_Slytherin Jul 03, 2016
I kinda like stalia because they kind of balance each other out but stydia is closer and of course there is sterek...
                              Scallison is my favorite for scott but scira/Kott is pretty cute and awkward as well......
                              Brerek all the way... The mercenary and the fits
mariafivi1 mariafivi1 Mar 24, 2015
Favorite ship..... uhhh.... Probably Stydia. I know it will never happen, but I would love to see them together.