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Drunken Mistake ( Zayn Malik Fanfiction )

Drunken Mistake ( Zayn Malik Fanfiction )

55.1K Reads 1.5K Votes 26 Part Story
miss_you_zayn1d By miss_you_zayn1d Completed

When Eve is out with her friend she find herself in a club with Zayn Malik. What will happen when one drunken mistake changes both there lives for better or worse?  'Suddenly I heard a loud bang from downstair. It was the front door slamming shut .I bouced out of bed and peaked behind the curtain to see a guy jumping into his car and speeding off . I managed to see him for a split second noticing the tattoos up his arms ... zayn. '

  • onedirection
  • pregnancy
  • zaynmalik