The Memory Jar [Zayn Malik]

The Memory Jar [Zayn Malik]

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“Let’s call this your Memory Jar. Every time you remember something, no matter how insignificant, I want you to write it down and put it in this jar. You don’t have to share your memories with anyone unless you want to, not even me, but I want you to bring this every week that we meet. Hopefully, in no time it’ll be overflowing.” 
Dana is nothing but a lowly street rat, until the day she gets into a dangerous accident, causing her to lose something heartbreakingly important: Her memory. 

The only reason she lives is because of Zayn, who finds her in the alley behind a restaurant he's eating at. When she wakes up later, panicked and distraught with only a sliver of a memory, Zayn can't bring himself to make it worse and tell her that she’s had nothing for her entire life. 

So he lies… and says he's her brother. 

How can Zayn keep this secret from Dana? What does he do when she begins getting fragments of her memory back? What's to become of her father and brother, still on the streets? And what will Dana do if she begins getting unwanted and inappropriate feelings for her “brother”?

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NaziaMalikXXX NaziaMalikXXX Feb 21, 2016
Sad he left. Happy he's happy. Proud of his new music nd upcoming album. Ughhh old tyms tho...
nochillzayn nochillzayn Dec 10, 2015
i read this about two years ago and now im reading it again <3
anonymous_6868 anonymous_6868 Aug 31, 2015
So no thank you for zayn malik for not being a part from one direction for leaving it for leaving us . Thank you Zayn
olliemoro03 olliemoro03 Mar 28, 2015
Love for Zayn always no matter what he chooses to do with his life ❤️.
4TeenageDirtbagsPls 4TeenageDirtbagsPls Feb 21, 2015
                              (srry, that was just my first reaction when I read this :p)
JarPad_and_JenAck JarPad_and_JenAck Dec 31, 2014
I think we all know at least one more reason you dedicated this to him *wink, wink*