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Why Me?

Why Me?

209K Reads 6.9K Votes 28 Part Story
Sky By callmeskyy Completed

This is about a 16 years old girl named Addison. Her father died in the war when she was 11 years old. Her mom, has never quite gotten over his death. Her mother, Karen, is a drunk who abuses Addison. The only person who knows is a young man named Blake. They used to be best friends, until the age of 12 when he joins the football team and went up on the popularity scale. She is now bullied by Blake, and is abused by her mother. How does Addison handle all the pier pressure? What does she do in the end? 

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troyler_phandom_ troyler_phandom_ Feb 20, 2016
im re reading this book, i love it too much to not ugh i already have the feels!!!!
Dontcrywhenidie Dontcrywhenidie Jun 03, 2016
I wear long sleeves but not to cover cuts ( not saying I haven't) but I love my hoodie so I wear it all the time
EmoKitty214 EmoKitty214 Jun 06, 2016
this is weird cuz jake mark and blake are the names of my ex's
- - Nov 05, 2016
@Thania_The_Bae  and @ChinaVicente well that's a case of two opposites! :P
UDontKnowMe6354 UDontKnowMe6354 4 days ago
Please read my story. "Gone and forgotten."🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Hana_H88 Hana_H88 Jul 26, 2016
 #rr for the second time, ugh I knew what happens and I'm gonna cry again, but it's such a good book