Another Hero ( Link x Reader )

Another Hero ( Link x Reader )

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Karter_Carson By Karter_Carson Updated Sep 16, 2014

A/N: Hey! I want to thank the well known ps3 player MonsterSlayer_01 for helping me with this one! I still add my own twists and turns, but Monster is helping me with events and characters. I just started to get back into Legend of Zelda! Sorry if it's not as good as my others or what ever. Thanks!~


Chapter 1 Meeting Him

        ~Your P.O.V.~

        I was playing my ocarina and minding my business until I heard the bushes rustle. I put up my ocarina, got out my sword, and hid in the shadows behind a tree. I watched as a guy with blond hair and a fairy come out of the bushes. "Hey! Listen! He's a hero!" I heard my fairy Navan say. STUPID BOY FAIRY! I STILL DON'T TRUST HIM! "Shut up! Do you want us to get caught?!" I whisper-yelled at him. "HEY! LISTEN!" Navan basically yelled. I face palmed as the mysterious blond looked at me. "Hey! Listen! She's a hero!" I heard his fairy say. Wait! His fairy has a higher and more feminine voice, his fairy is a girl! I take a good look at...

Otaku_Julie Otaku_Julie Jun 16, 2016
Oh my gosh, the full "HEY LISTEN" experience is annoying and nostalgic XD
RivaillaBlossom RivaillaBlossom Aug 15, 2016
Me: ........*Grabs Dark's head and dip it inside of lava* Take. That. Back... 
                              Dark: NEVER! 
                              Me: -_- *cuts Darks head off* Take it back. 
                              Dark's head: NOOOOOO! 
                              Me: *puts foot on Dark's head* 1....2.....
                              Dark: NONONONONONONO, SORRY, SORRY, SORRY, SORRY!!
Crossover_whaat Crossover_whaat Jul 16, 2016
.......... SAAAAAAANS!!! 
                              *A tamed Sans appears along with all other Sans'* BIATCH TRY DAT AGAIN, I
Gabirellle Gabirellle Oct 05, 2016
Once he went to sleep I would sneak out of the bedroom goo to zeldas room and yell at her like she just killed my dad
Heroshine11200 Heroshine11200 Apr 23, 2016
                              DO DA DO DO DO! *sings Mario theme*
                              *gets a pistol*
                              Me: GOOMBA FÜCK YOU! *shoots it*
Crossover_whaat Crossover_whaat Jul 16, 2016
...... *resigns from being a hero* no thanks, that's not in my job description