The Girl Who Learned To Love The Badass

The Girl Who Learned To Love The Badass

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Mystery Rai :) By Mystic_Frost Updated Jul 26, 2011

Alisya's life changed drastically after her parent's died, and her and her sister were put in two different foster homes, across the country from each other. 

Alisya is nervous about her new life. She's scared she won't fit in with the new people in her life. But when she meets a group of new friends, she instantly feels better about life. 

That is until her new friends pull a prank on her, which messes with everything, and makes her realize her love for one of her new friends. 

Yet after a tragic accident things go from bad to worse. Can she make it through heartbreak, evil physio cheerleaders, and the badass?

  • adventure
  • alisya
  • alyisa
  • austin
  • badass
  • bitch
  • boxer
  • boy
  • boys
  • break
  • car
  • coma
  • dare
  • death
  • doctor
  • fight
  • frost
  • gehh
  • girl
  • hate
  • heart
  • heartbreak
  • hospital
  • hot
  • humor
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  • kiss
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OneFunnyMonkey OneFunnyMonkey Jan 25, 2013
I don't wanna become a van!!! Don't make me!!! (You accidentally put van instead of fan. :)
Lovable_El Lovable_El Jun 09, 2011
Hahaha love Ailysa's comments about Josh Hahah reading more:)
Musicbreatheslife Musicbreatheslife Jul 04, 2010
I like it!!! I just happened to come by your story by chance :)!!
KayseSolley24 KayseSolley24 Jun 14, 2010
@tinypixie95 i wanted 2 see which 1 she likes 2 see if there hot hahahaha
Mystic_Frost Mystic_Frost Jun 14, 2010
@KayseSolley24 it doesn't say in this chapter, it's in the other chapters
xowritergirl14xo xowritergirl14xo Jun 09, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for asking me to read this, it was GREAT! Very well written! Upload soon?! 
                              P.S. check out my stories!? Thanks!!