Forgotten [A Fairy Tail Story]

Forgotten [A Fairy Tail Story]

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Lucy had everything.



A Crush

But when Lisanna comes back from Edolas, she steals everything from her, she has been Forgotten, but when she gets taken by the Dark Lords, a year goes by, and no one notices that she is gone, until Master annocences that Lucy has 'pasted' when she really was captured and taken to the Dark Lords Castle.

Will Natsu accept the 'surprise' she has in store?

PikaSwag101 PikaSwag101 May 16
Yeah there a couple.. for now.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
                              To much..?
Hey bitch it takes time to earn your title.😈. 
FTOtakugirl FTOtakugirl Jul 06
If she is'nt your love,Then....WHY THE HELL YOU KISSED HER BACK?!STUPID!
HAHAHAHA lol it was just like, "hey Lucy come here" all nice and sweet and then BOOM.
                              Dark evil voice...."get away from Natsu or else..."
PikaSwag101 PikaSwag101 May 16
Um bitch please your Natsu? *flips a table* Last time I check he was Lucy's
I really want to kill Lasgana more than ever. 
                              I don't know how to spell Lasgana. 😛