Forgotten [A Fairy Tail Story]

Forgotten [A Fairy Tail Story]

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HolyHellWeasel By Skyler-Heartfilia Completed

Lucy had everything.



A Crush

But when Lisanna comes back from Edolas, she steals everything from her, she has been Forgotten, but when she gets taken by the Dark Lords, a year goes by, and no one notices that she is gone, until Master annocences that Lucy has 'pasted' when she really was captured and taken to the Dark Lords Castle.

Will Natsu accept the 'surprise' she has in store?

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NaLuShipped NaLuShipped Jul 04, 2017
                              SOOOOO CUTE
                              BUT LISANNA I WILL KILL YOU
alexis4Nalu alexis4Nalu Nov 24, 2017
You said hai everyone 
                              Soo you said yes everyone? Just asking
fairytail75200 fairytail75200 Jul 20, 2017
omfg lissanna where the hell are you because you picked a fight with 3 1/4 of the world when you kissed natsu
TheFan_LoveIt TheFan_LoveIt Jul 26, 2017
*gets bat* where is the nali *friend points* thank you *beats the nali couple/moments to shreds* now to think of the perfect matchmaking scheme for nalu😍😍😍😍
Jinxxlove Jinxxlove 2 days ago
Pffft. What're you gonna do? Scratch me with your plastic claws in your bikini?
Guiltyness doesn't say it enough more like
                              Mean b***** untested meanie dumm @$$ pour thing for a friend and family