This is my ten-form poetry submission to the first annual ATTYS competition.
    All ten poems are related to the process of coming to terms with different life situations: a miscarriage, the death of a loved one in the Vietnam war; a political abduction; the ex-pat life; a battered wife; betrayal; Alzheimer's Disease; drought; isolation; a mother/daughter relationship.
    Thank you for reading my submission.  I hope these poems "speak" to you!
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    Cover photo, "Transitions", by Catherine Chandler
    Catherine Chandler
Thank you, Heaven. I appreciate hearing from readers as to how they reacted to my poems.  God bless!  Cathy
I'm sorry every one I'm very immature but as soon as I heard " weeping breasts " I dropped to the ground laughing and I couldn't read any more
Crooked smiles, accompanied by the apparance of ordinary days is one of my specialities...this is gorgeous!
I can feel the pain in every sentence. A brilliant read... Thank you!
I really enjoyed reading your poem. I'm taken there and the sense of loss is extremely effective.  The line 'I peel away the ceiling stars, unweave the year i'd entered on your christening dress' is fantastic
This made me feel warmth and sorrow all in the same breath. I'm unsure how you could so easily mix devastation with hope but you should really feel proud of this piece.