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Forever in His Debt

Forever in His Debt

7M Reads 251K Votes 37 Part Story
Sylvia Young By sylvia_young Updated Feb 05

When a debt is owed to the royal family, it is never forgotten.
  Ezra goes into town with the intention of taking everything from the family that owed his, but feels an undeniable pull to their daughter that could only mean the one thing- the mate he'd refused to confront, for his heart belonged to another.
  But the Prince finds that she can, in fact, give him something he wants... an heir to the throne.
  The deal was a child.
  An arranged marriage that would yield no feelings.
  After the baby was born, she'd be free.
  Falling in love wasn't part of the due.
  What she doesn't know is the future King can only conceive an heir out of love, and not debt.
  Explicit/Sexual Content| Mature Themes| Violence
  Highest Rank #1 Werewolf on 19.9.2015

Seeing these comments of people that stumbled on this book and have no prior knowledge of werewolves 😂😂
Anyone else a pretty little liar fan? Ezra the teacher? No? Just me.. ok
Nonnex Nonnex Oct 16, 2016
"I can tell this is going to bean emotional book so let me grab my tissue" 😂*grabs tissue box and run back to my room*
_Only_Fools_Fall_ _Only_Fools_Fall_ Sep 05, 2016
yuatrufl yuatrufl Oct 04, 2016
I have a question...its been in my mind ever since I started reading were wolf books....
                              Can wolfs be gay? If the wolfs a boy can its mate be a boy? Did that sound insensitive...?
_RosesAreWhite_ _RosesAreWhite_ Nov 25, 2016
This book is about to be so good... I can feel it in my bones!!!!