Sweet Obsession (In Progress)

Sweet Obsession (In Progress)

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Rebecca Guminski By Chuggs3y Updated Oct 16, 2016

Sworn to the Blake family before her birth via a betrothal ceremony that was sealed in blood - one she knows nothing about - Rosaline has no idea how her life is about to change. She lives a normal, if not simple, life in the city limits of Seattle, WA with her cat Zeus. That is, she did until she woke up in a potential nightmare. Enter Daemon Xander Blake. Cold, distant, and controlling; the three words that best describe him. But then, so do sexy, mysterious, and alluring. And let's face it, what's a girl to do when she's trapped inside a cavernous, eerily comforting castle filled with every luxury imaginable to man - aside from plotting her escape, of course? But as time stretches on, Rosaline finds herself in a compromising situation; she may just be falling for Mr. Tall Dark and Relentless. And when said man makes a proposition to her one night - one concerning her departure from all things related to her glamorous prison, and essentially, Daemon himself - she can't help being more than enthusiastic about hearing him out. But can she really trust anything that he says?


My body, previously uncomfortably close to Daemon's, was suddenly flush against him; my chin, between his index and pointer finger in a firm grip, was turned towards him; and my lips were slowly being ravaged by his in a demanding manner. Several different emotions began to assault me and I couldn't think to save my life. 

I let out a small whimper when he traced a fang lightly, teasingly along my bottom lip. His hands, no longer caging me in, where suddenly on my hips, digging into to the sensitive flesh there as he pulled me impossibly closer to him. It wasn't until I began to feel his lips moving down my neck, that I panicked. My mind, still hazy from the high that accompanied Daemon's touch, decided that it would be wise to pull away - but when I went to push at Daemon's shoulders he let out a low, threatening growl.

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