The Janitor Of Chaldea (Completed)

The Janitor Of Chaldea (Completed)

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Y/n L/n was one of the candidates of Chaldea who was chosen to be a Master Candidate like I said, but then when the bomb exploded at Chaldea all the remaining Masters died not all of them did but only 20 survived...Y/n does get bullied around by the other candidates but they are now only engineers or workers at Chaldea since they somehow can't summon a servant or even use magecraft no more as well. Except two sisters known as the Fujimaru twins who are the only two masters but they don't bully Y/n but they never interacted with him in general. Though Y/n was injured in the explosion and all he is now the Janitor of Chaldea as he cleans up as he is quiet the silent type as when someone wants to help him, he refuses because he doesn't like getting pity or sympathy or any kind of help...due to having trust issues and having a dark past as well...he always has his eyes closed but when he opens them people all there is, is emptiness...but he then fakes his looks by making it show happiness even though he rarely smiles...

Credit goes to Sxeron10 from fanfiction who inspired me even though I never talked to him...

All things belong to Type Moon, Dark Horse Comics, Shueisha for both the Fate Series and Kemal Sensen!

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