No Sweeter Sin [Femdom 18+]

No Sweeter Sin [Femdom 18+]

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Alexa LaMenthe By AlexaLaMenthe Completed

WARNING: For adults only. You will need to follow me to read some of these chapters!

Ruby, a senior in high school is ruthlessly bullied and sexually harassed. She is trying desperately to survive her last year and views her graduation as an escape. 

Summoning demons is so easy, you could do it in your sleep. --There should be a warning label on that book! 

Ruby seems to be a natural at this magic mumbo-jumbo. When she unwittingly summons a demon and can't find a way to send him back, she's convinced that her life is ruined and her soul is damned for good. With the help of a Mystic, an Angel, and a Demon, who needs bullies?

KINK: Femdom and all the things that encompasses. If you cannot handle subversive ideology, kindly GTFO.

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bearjay bearjay Oct 22, 2017
Pause. If Geneva her mom ain't death her dad?  And they said single so ummmm?  Death wyd??
RoleplayLove123 RoleplayLove123 Jul 22, 2017
Ugh, I hate when men say that! "Boys will be boys". What? Are you saying it's okay to rape someone if you're  a /boy/? 
                              Sorry, but the lack of justice makes me triggered.
CreamyPie888 CreamyPie888 Sep 29, 2015
No green mist which in any disney movie with a villain means bad stuff is gonna happen
jkm2000 jkm2000 Mar 25, 2015
Enter the demon! I love all the detail you included for the demon recipe, I wonder if it actually works. The wheels are turning in my head as I type this.
Kylet360 Kylet360 Feb 06, 2015
Please tell me someone beats senseless Dillion and he goes to jail for a ... While ... Loose the key ???!!!! Like the end of the chapter :)
NymeriaOdirrobas NymeriaOdirrobas Oct 06, 2014
Cool chapter, your writing skills is awesome. The mysteries and how the tragedy of her life runs made me want to read it further... 
                              High school really does sucks but for her part, that was way too much... hahaha!