Terabyte (An Avengers Fanfiction)

Terabyte (An Avengers Fanfiction)

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Savannah Bricks is a 19 year old girl with special skills that could help a team save the world from new enemies that was never seen on Earth before. She had an ordinary life until she had no other choice than to become a superhero which she didn't want to become. Will she help save the Earth from these new enemies before they take over?


Rated PG-13 for violently described action. 
WARNING: There will be no strong language in this story.

It's really not the desk lady's problem, though. Savannah's just being a twat.
StarlighMix StarlighMix May 16
That's what I would do because you would be stresssed mad and depressed
aliensarestupid aliensarestupid Mar 16, 2016
Well, you'd think that there'd be no windows in an underground room.
I carry around a messenger bag that I can't imagine ever not carrying it around
GiveMeTheGravyHarry GiveMeTheGravyHarry Dec 24, 2016
I hate the fact that this kind of situations actually happen irl :/
Just one cop? You'd think the whole freaking military would be there. And how could one guy steal a jewelry store and walk out like nothing? Why didn't he have a team or backup driver? Why did he even stop to talk to her like he wasn't robbing millions of dollars? #Confused