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The.T_Aiden By T_Aiden Completed

How can one change so much
               How can one do so much
                                 I gave him chances
                                          Then he broke me


"W-why...?" I whispered my voice cracking terribly as my face scrunched up in pain and hurt.

"Why....why you ask?" he hissed sweetly into my ear, sending shivers down me as his warm breath warmed up my cold body.

His arms squeezed tighter as I yelled in pain.

All it took was one word
One word

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xprettytae xprettytae Mar 28
Oh well okay we only just hated each other yesterday so yeah sure
They litteraly just has sex. She cant knkw shes pregnant now
B_Tae_S B_Tae_S 3 days ago
You don't get away with sh*t just because 'you're a boy'. Stfu with your boy's and their ego theory.
chaoticaddicts chaoticaddicts Oct 23, 2016
thats technically classed as rape because she wasnt 100% aware of what she was doing.
SofiaGonzalez827027 SofiaGonzalez827027 Nov 08, 2016
Well I can tell harry has bad grammar it's "ever being born'' not "being ever born'' sorry I just had too
Well k moving right along 😄 she finds out she's pregnant the day after