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The Only One (Sasuke Uchiha)

The Only One (Sasuke Uchiha)

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✧♛♡앨리손♡♛✧ By alittlebitbias Completed

[COMPLETED] Mikazuki Hatake lost her family when she was 6 years old, only to gain another one. And his name was Kakashi Hatake

Now 13 and about to become a genin (hopefully) she learns strange things about herself as she learns to use the rinnegan. And now that the emo dude Sasuke Uchiha who all the girls are after has an interest in Mikazuki... She doesn't know what to do. Force her best friend Naruto to accept her decision, and live with Sasuke's decision or abandon Sasuke, the only person she's ever had feelings for.

OMG! I'M 13 TURNING 14 IN MAY AND I'M 4'11!! 😂 Okay I'm done now! 😂
Wooah. Is that normal? Is she okay? Cause I'm 4'11 and turning 14 and I way 110lbs and I'm at a normal size. Is she okay?? And if she's becoming a shinobe muscle mass (even if a little) would take a lot of weight. Ahhh oh well! 😂
Queen_Chael Queen_Chael Sep 20, 2016
Hehe I'm probably the most girly girl ever and I hang out with nothing but boys kuz bitches are fake
TheMisfitFrenchFry TheMisfitFrenchFry Oct 04, 2016
I like how kiba and akamaru are considered one because they are so in tune and you almost never see one without the other
Shadowed_Raven_16 Shadowed_Raven_16 Nov 16, 2016
If she has the rinnegan doesn't that mean she's related to Pein or something?
Azelmiaissocoollike Azelmiaissocoollike Dec 21, 2016
That's me...
                              Me: *walks up to a murder* *hugs* it's ok... I'm your friend now~ shhh... 
                              murder: *stabs me*
                              Me: best friend why???