Promises (A LOTR/Legolas Love Story) *Completed*

Promises (A LOTR/Legolas Love Story) *Completed*

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Ellethwen Carthir By Ellethwen2931 Updated Sep 12, 2014

When Estelwen finally finds out what her destiny is, she does her best to help her friends no matter what the cost. She would even give up her own life for them. And will she help the elf she cares about, or will she be too late and he'll die of a broken heart. I do not own any of the LOTR/The Hobbit characters, I only own Estelwen (Or her alias Alastegiel).

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First Published: July 18th, 2014

Lokis_Cat Lokis_Cat Jun 18, 2017
Nooooo!!!! I'm such a weird person..... Gahhhhhhh!!!! I read Tender of Breasts...... Omg nooooooooooo
Igotmadskills Igotmadskills Aug 20, 2017
Yeah, his twin brother chose to be a mortal with 500 years to live. He was actually a very very very distant relative of Aragorn.
Mntngft Mntngft Feb 10, 2016
                              Gollum! Gollum!
FangirlBookworm21 FangirlBookworm21 Sep 07, 2016
Ya know some of these names might have been CHOSEN for their meanings 😏
Grass_Puppies Grass_Puppies Feb 03, 2016
This shocked me and then I started laughing and I couldn't stop 😂😂
fall_down_guys_ fall_down_guys_ Oct 13, 2016
what is your source because in the books it says he was called that because that's the noise he makes when he coughs