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KYLEE(: MUYSKENS By kyleemuy Completed

Kyleigh Everson's life is changed completely when she wakes up in the hospital and discovers that she was struck by lightning and her only scar is an unusual white streak in her hair. Strange things begin happening and Kyleigh soon discovers she has developed super powers.  She struggles to create a balance between being a part time superhero and being a regular teenager.  Kyleigh never would have guessed that being hit by lightning would change her life so drastically, but that's exactly what happened.

#13 in Science Fiction 5-1-16

Jetjacky Jetjacky Jun 13, 2016
I'm not gonna lie. I'm shipping for this story to be just what I'm imagining. Good starting by the way
Angeltwin_62 Angeltwin_62 Jul 15, 2016
you know, every time i walk  to somewhere in the middle of a storm, i imagine myself getting hit by lightning an i get scared
Holy crap my name is Kyleigh and this is so cool because no one I've ever met with the same name as me spells it that way. I'm actually really excited to read this.
CHL_Milligan CHL_Milligan Sep 07, 2016
Honestly; All relationships are different... as long as the author is comfortable with the romantic relationship they created and made it sound realistic to the point they believed it; I agree that for her first story the romantic relationship is a masterpiece.
ebearskittychan ebearskittychan Sep 07, 2016
...honestly I think the relationship is great, but same, I have no experience personally either. Point is, don't listen to people who are just being nitpicky, hon
Angeltwin_62 Angeltwin_62 Jul 15, 2016
i think u somehow read my mind cause I've been thinking of writing a book that started just like this so when i saw this chapter i was like WTF! LOL! but oh well great minds  think alike right?