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My brother's are my mates?

My brother's are my mates?

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Singer_10_10_11 By Singer_10_10_11 Updated Aug 10, 2014

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KayKGJH KayKGJH May 29, 2016
So she's sobbing cause they told her to shut up. I wouldn't be crying. I'd be pissed and I slap both of them in the back of the head.
Loser_With_Glasses Loser_With_Glasses Jul 24, 2016
OK so um doesn't ANYBODY find it weirs how this is her brother?
Sushi_lifu Sushi_lifu Dec 25, 2016
Ok ok 
                              I still have my virgin lips and body but how do people get distracted by a simple kiss??
kayanithickk kayanithickk Nov 29, 2016
Srsly...just because they said--*walks out of room throwing my hands up spilling my tea*
67lives 67lives Aug 31, 2016
Am i the only one that find this cute? 😂 i mean im a girl and i would do this to annoy my brothers 😂
weirdo3654 weirdo3654 Apr 30, 2016
Both but if I really had to choose I think u should had made it simon