Take Me Away | Richard Madden

Take Me Away | Richard Madden

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Lena Therese By lenabeantherese Updated Nov 29

When stars align, things usually soar - love, happiness, sometimes wealth. But for Mia and Richard, life decided to tumble downward; at least, between them. 

From childhood best friends to successful adults, Mia and Richard soon realize that distance and time apart do take a toll on people, and what was lost in the past couldn't be made up for instantly, even if they were just friends - just lucky enough to be in each other's lives - which also happened to be the one thing they weren't too sure about anymore.

Perhaps the luck had run out.

[Richard Madden x OFC]


Disclaimer: This is a work of (fan)fiction, and any resemblances to actual names, places, or events are purely coincidental.

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