Transformers Lemons

Transformers Lemons

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Lucy By DecepticonOnline Updated 2 days ago

Lemons between human or cybertronian readers and robots from transformers the movies or the series. I will be taking requests. 

Update: My newer lemons are better than my older ones mainly because my older ones are so cringeworthy and just plain cancer. If I were you I'd skip a few lemons, like a lot. But if you want a good laugh then yeah read the older ones too. Trust me the first lemons I made are just down right awful. *sighs* 

(This was the first collection of transformers lemons on wattpad.)

  • blitzwing
  • breakdown
  • bumblebee
  • grimlock
  • ironhide
  • knockout
  • megatron
  • mtmte
  • one
  • optimus
  • prime
  • rung
  • shots
  • smuts
  • starscream
  • steve
  • tarn
  • transformers
  • twins
  • wheeljack
lullabyofdeath lullabyofdeath Oct 23, 2017
Hmmm I dont want to be rid but have you seen the scale of miko and screamer miko is as tall as screamers heel or less if he was in holoform it would be more imaginable plz don't hate on me I'm giving advice not hate
RomanLover5-25 RomanLover5-25 Sep 06, 2017
I liked it. But it was quick..not detailed enough for my taste but I shall continue reading
MasterOfElements12 MasterOfElements12 Jul 19, 2017
Hornet Prime: My dad would have NOT like this is he found out......OMP
MarianofCintra1308 MarianofCintra1308 Apr 19, 2016
It's crazy but I don't like human holoforms cuz in my opinion it doesn't make them transformers but that smaller holoform of starscream (not human) was the best idea you have made and I'm enjoying it
ProjectTeChNoTFp ProjectTeChNoTFp Nov 26, 2016
I... what.... why... D'okay I'm just gonna go over here now and pour bleach through my ears mkay? Mkay   :)
Happy_Mara Happy_Mara Aug 18, 2016
How they hell did here!?!? Oh well I guess I gotta stay since I'm already here