Into Stone World ( Dr. Stone Fanfic )

Into Stone World ( Dr. Stone Fanfic )

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BlueberryCat By XiaoHeiMao Updated Mar 01

(Y/n) is an avid manga reader. One day she found Dr. Stone on manga website and really love it. She even wish it can be reality. 

Never crossed to her mind that her joke become true.

(Y/n): This is illogical!!

Senku: Nothing illogical in this world. There's must be some science explaination behind this mystery.

(Y/n): not even exist damn it

Senku: Well isn't i'm here alive?

(Y/n): ....nevermind

Can (Y/n) come back to her world or she will stuck forever at here?

Note: This is original. (Y/n) is female reader. I don't own Dr. Stone. I only own (Y/n).