Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

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"I thought you had a boyfriend." Percy said quietly.

"I lied, okay!?" Annabeth snapped, before sighing. "He broke up with me the moment I told him we were leaving San Fransisco... Didn't even tell me goodbye..."

"I'm sorry... I mean, I'm not, but at the same time, I am." He said, looking at her.

"What?" She growled, glaring at him.

"Nothing." He shook his head and looked away.


Growing up, Annabeth Chase was tormented. She was tormented by one person, and his group of friends. Percy Jackson was her tormentor. From the age of 5, he put gum in her hair at barbeques, sprayed her with spray guns in snow storms, dumped water on her head from his bedroom balcony... At 10, they moved away from Long Island, New York, leaving Percy and his gang far behind...

6 years later, and Annabeth's father moves them back to town. Annabeth has a new step-mom, two 5-year-old brothers, a new attitude, and boobs. Percy... Hasn't changed much from how Annabeth remembers him. 

At least, until he realizes who she is.