Why are You Staring. (BWWM)

Why are You Staring. (BWWM)

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"How dare you embarrass me like that. Piccola do not test me." He says walking in very close to me. Rolling my eyes, I push his chest back. Though he was not going anywhere, I continued to talk as if I owned the world. 

"Pf, test you. Who would ever test you. As far as I'm concerned, all of you mafia men could stick a dildo up your asses. You know what I said was true. Or is it all you bad men do is sag their britches and shoot bitçhes. To me it does not mean a thing." I mouthed off at him releasing a boat load. His shoulders seem to shake in madness or was I just imagine that? 

"I'm sorry, fuçkaroni did I hurt your big boy feelings?" Hm I like the sound of that, fuçkaroni.

"Questa è tutto!" He growled before tossing me over his shoulder. 

There isn't a place for us. Black and White mix like swirls but the world?
 Our lives are just circles. We run them like tapes but one day they go straight. Oh the things we'll see. Oh the things we'll be.

*My first few chapters suck and I know that. I don't need a whole lot of bs for that and just bear with it. Don't like it, don't read it.

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