Rischio (BWWM) Editing And Changing. ~reread~

Rischio (BWWM) Editing And Changing. ~reread~

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These next few moments were in slow motion. The shimmer of a crystal encrusted dress caught my eye under the lights and her Tiffanys head set too. Blurred faces floated before me and I felt light headed. Mr. Ramsey's laugh rang in my ears reminding me, these were his last moments. I could almost sceenshot the silver tipped gun held by Scar face and a loud bang sounded out. 

Screams erupted and the crowd broke out in chaos. Broken heels and broken spirits dashed out of the building. In the far distance I could see the golden tooth flash at me in the middle of the swarming crowd. Scar face had just smiled. Fear was lodged in my throat as I looked over at the dead man. His brains had spattered the floor the same way a glass full of red juice spills on white carpet. Shock glued me to this very spot. Warm hands shot out and grabbed me from the chaos. I could still see the smoke wafting into the air.

There isn't a place for us. Black and White mix like swirls but the world?
 Our lives are just circles. We run them like tapes but one day they go straight. Oh the things we'll see. Oh the things we'll be.

*My first few chapters suck and I know that. I don't need a whole lot of bs for that and just bear with it. Can't understand, don't read it.

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The_OTP_Queen The_OTP_Queen Apr 28, 2017
Band Directors be doing the most especially when they have performances coming up
IceCream5ever_ IceCream5ever_ Jul 15, 2017
I argued with a band director once. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Ashykneesgirl Ashykneesgirl Jun 29, 2017
December babies where you at? lol clearly not here because it's June 😂....
- - Jan 16, 2017
From Neverland. Ohhhhhh lost boy,they'd say to me (I don't know the rest),
EmperorSavage EmperorSavage Nov 01, 2016
My band director got arrested for possessing child porn in high school.