Falling Up//punk a.i.

Falling Up//punk a.i.

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When Lola becomes enemies with the infamous, tatted up punk boy named Ashton Irwin, she didn't think her life was getting any better with meeting him. In fact, she had a burning hatred for the kid, just as much as Ashton hated her back. However, when certain events happen, and accidents take place, will these two teens begin to grow feelings for each other? Knowing the infamous Ashton Irwin was like gravity had been turned off, and as if you were falling up into oblivion. 

Follow the messed up story between these two feisty teens, and their journey to love. 

WARNING: This book is probably way more cliche than I'd like to admit, so if you could just bare with me here, I'd greatly appreciate it.

vnterson vnterson Jul 10
when will the mc in a fic go to school w a baked face and a fleeky wing like i do everyday lmao
Is it bad I didn't think calling him Asian was abnormal until you pointed it out that you did? I'm so used to people calling him Asian that it's just normal now XD
Michael was running?!?!? I guess there's a first for everything 😂😂😂😂
mikeysvapor mikeysvapor Apr 23
tim-nam tim-nam May 03
I swear I've already read this book except on someone else's account
I find this cute and idek why...these are the reasons I am single