Burning Hearts ~ Book 5 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

Burning Hearts ~ Book 5 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

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Book 5 - The Royal Blood Collection

Nava is one unimpressed princess.

In an effort to keep the Kronthelm leader happy and ensure that the plans for the future are the way that he wants them, her father Alaric agrees that Nava will marry the son of the leader.

They travel to the army base in province three to formalize the terms of the agreement and for Nava to meet the man that will be her husband, Imren.

Nava believes that she'll be faced with a throwback to the caveman that can't speak her language. What she's faced with is a creature that is the opposite of everything she'd feared about her future.

When everything is set for her future, Alaric throws Nava another challenge. With Imren by her side, Nava will push beyond the expectations and become something more than just a pampered princess.

**Book 5 in the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the books ~ Crimson Flame, Command My Heart, Into The Wild and Protect My Love first.**

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