Affectionosis Deletus

Affectionosis Deletus

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Daydreamers daze By XxDaydreamersdazexX Updated Apr 12

Honest to God, without a shadow of a doubt, beyond the stars and moon above, Alexis Lorraine Briggs knows she's diagnosed with Affectionosis Deletus Disorder. It's totally not made up, it's a real disorder and Alexis has it.

No she's not aromantic, she has Affectionosis Deletus, a 'disorder' where there's no way in hell she can ever fall in love with anyone. The disorder just won't let her heart do it.

Then there's Lennie, Leonard Parker the third. Once he hears about this disorder, he's determined to prove to Alexis that it isn't real. He doesn't care how far he goes to prove it. 

The two make a deal; if he proves her wrong and makes her fall in love with him, she has to drop this whole spiel and tell all of the high school it's not a disorder. If he fails... well... he says he won't fail. He'll do whatever it takes, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend. Lennie says it's all just to prove a point and that they won't actually fall for each other- or will they?