They don't know (seven deadly sins)

They don't know (seven deadly sins)

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Elizabeth feels like she's alone because her family hates her , she gets bullied at every school she goes to, and she's depressed. 

Elizabeth goes to a new school. She doesn't talk to anyone not that she's shy it's just she doesn't like people anytime she gets close to them they stab her in the back. That is until she meets the sins a group of six people. The sins is a group everyone wants to be in but nobody gets to join. They want her to join the group but she just keeps avoiding them until she finally gives up and joins the group. But the second she joined the group anytime they weren't around she'd get jumped( by that I mean beat up if you were thinking different shame bad bad that's dirty mind) . 

This is all I'm writing because if I write more I'll ruin the story sorry. 😐 oh and in this story gowther has emotions

⚠️I don't own seven deadly sins ⚠️

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