Daredevil // Druna

Daredevil // Druna

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Emily Black [BLACKY] By emilymarieblack Updated Jul 17, 2015

In Luna Lovegood's seventh year, she is given the position of Head Girl. Draco Malfoy comes back to Hogwarts to make up for the times of the War-and he just so happens to be head boy.

One night in spite of a fight, Draco and Luna make a bet-that neither of them would do any dare that the other implies for a whole month straight. Draco knows that he's good at any dare, and that Luna will crack ... but is he so sure?

Luna Lovegood shows a side that has never been discovered by anyone before - not even herself. Draco, get ready, because Lovegood's a Daredevil.

Draco_stop Draco_stop Aug 22
Draco don't go there...
                              HE WENT THERE HOLD MA HOOPS REAL QUICK
Really like this story though. You won't update this story. Will you?
Usually read "know-it-all granger" but now, yeah! Trying to read another fanfic haha
Naughty, naughty draco. Haven't your mommy taught you a manner? * shocking head
                              Draco I love you and all
                              But you about to get your asś BEAT
LemonPieFlor LemonPieFlor Dec 17, 2015
If you are blonde, why aren't you stupid? Oh wait... you are! She's not dumb...you are! For God sake Malfoy! I love you!