Princess Series Three: The Beauty Within A Beast

Princess Series Three: The Beauty Within A Beast

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Anabelle Thea Farrajo knew that if she couldn't handle the heat, she had to stay away from the fire, but she finds that a harder challenge when she becomes the moth to his flames. And even though it hurts, she still tries everything to be closer to him. Because he's...

Prince Eaton Kingsley. The Beast. He is the fire that destroys everything around him and yet he doesn't let his candles melt as quickly. He has them around him for a reason and he tries so hard to not let anyone get too near. He knows he's damaged and he is ugly on the inside. But not to Belle.

Because she saw the beauty within a beast.


Lumapit siya sa'kin pero hindi ako gumalaw sa kinaroroonan ko. Wala akong lakas.

"But, Belle-what they said is right. I'm a beast. I was called one for a reason. So stay away."

May story na si Belle. Thank you author! God bless! 😍😊
👏🏽👏🏽 yehey may story na si belle. Thank you author. Goodluck and keep writing.