Brandon. Yes, THAT Brandon. (LGBT+)

Brandon. Yes, THAT Brandon. (LGBT+)

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actual john cena By grouchstories Updated Aug 03

At West Crimson High, student population 500, one person's business is everyone's business.

This is no exception in Brandon Shay Owens' case. 

The athletic, popular, top grade boy has no care in the world besides his father's acceptance of him and undeniable hatred of football. Until autumn of his junior year, of course.

After kissing his best friend, everything Brandon has tried to cover up and store away for five years seems to unravel all at once. Not even his academic wit and unlimited sarcasm can silence the shadowy gossip from his West Crimson peers, especially when a childhood friend not-so-subtly desires to tell the world Brandon's business.

From kissing best friends to hiding boyfriends, it seems as if life has a long-standing grudge against Brandon. And he's not the most prepared to take it on.
*SEXUAL CONTENT (boyxboy, boyxgirl)*
*First Person*
*Trigger Warning*
*This story is a part of the West Crimson chain stories*

_voidViolet _voidViolet Aug 28
My reaction is "What the hell just happened?" At the same time I find it hilarious
singani singani Jun 06
I like how he's talking about topping Brandon while also calling him gay
- - Sep 29
Marshall is second on the cast list. Love interest identified 😉😉😉
im cringing at freshman and a junior. like 14/15 yr old and a 16/17 yr old. age difference doesn't bother me but when they're so young it does
TheSinningFangirl TheSinningFangirl Nov 19, 2015
I probably would've taken the orange, peeled it, and eaten it.
TheSinningFangirl TheSinningFangirl Nov 19, 2015
I'm in love with this already! Like everybody else has said, it's such a relief from other boy x boy books to see the character deny his feelings for boys and feel conflicted. It's just brilliant....and hot!