The Boy In The Crystal Ball

The Boy In The Crystal Ball

17.1K Reads 218 Votes 12 Part Story
Caitie Gee By xEscapeMyFatex Completed

"You never truly value something until it is forcibly taken away from you."

Joanna Granger had a daily routine: enjoy the summer while it lasted, drink until the sun began to shine above the horizon, and always trust her girlfriends' judgment when it came to men.

After a freak appearance of a man with sea-green eyes and dark hair, Joanna's world seems to get impossibly freakier; she can't remember what she did the night before, and her body seems to have a mind of its own. 

This storyline follows the struggle of choosing the right path, as well as the fight for independence over one's own mind.

  • betrayal
  • caring
  • carnival
  • caught
  • cute
  • date
  • dinner
  • end
  • evil
  • fiend
  • fight
  • friends
  • funny
  • guilty
  • gypsy
  • hex
  • honestly
  • horror
  • human
  • humor
  • jerk
  • joanna
  • kyle
  • late
  • lies
  • life
  • loss
  • love
  • magic
  • moon
  • parents
  • park
  • past
  • perverted
  • pink
  • plan
  • pretty
  • sad
  • scared
  • scheme
  • school
  • secrets
  • spell
  • student
  • teacher
  • teen
  • trick
  • truth
  • voodoo
  • worry
  • xescapexmyxfatex
ashleighh ashleighh Jun 12, 2010
catie- are you gonna upload or what?!! mann- i can't wait patiently here FOREVER!! hehe. love, ash xxx 
                              oh, that was telling you to UPLOAD btw- just in case you didn't catch it!! :P 
ashleighh ashleighh Jun 10, 2010
i lovee itt :) and pshh- joanna isn't ugly! what a silly boy. haha. love it, as i always love your writing :) such talent :P love, ash x
Payasita25 Payasita25 Jun 10, 2010
geta picture out for stace but i wanted jojo to be more pretty.idk maybe stayce got sum spell on her dat wenever dey see her dey think she hot idk i jus wanted joj to be prettier
xEscapeMyFatex xEscapeMyFatex Jun 09, 2010
@ashleighh @Payasita25 I'm going to post a picture of her in the next chapter which will be tonight, so you'll see (:
ashleighh ashleighh Jun 09, 2010
OMFG!! THIS IS AWESOMEE!! is the girl really ugly? or was the guy just being a dick? i love this! catie upload soon hunny!! love, ash xxxxxxxxx
Payasita25 Payasita25 Jun 09, 2010
omg thats so cool.but why he in is the girl ugly or does her other friend really look better .?