Haunted Kiss ✔️

Haunted Kiss ✔️

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Dirty with Delight By CourtMyers Completed


Demons, high school, love and murder.

Welcome to the beginning.

One summer day her life changed forever, in the dark she was reborn. Haunted Kiss is about a girl named Rose Desira Violance, who died and was brought back to life. Revealing many dark secrets, a mystery to solve. Not only is she on the hunt for a killer, but now, she sees spirits and a demon who won't leave her alone. 

Will Rose use her new gifts, and find the killer? 

Can she solve the mystery's unfolding around her? 

Or will she leave only a haunted kiss...


"Oooooo God!" I moaned. Breathless. Inhaling deeply. 

"Not quite,"  he whispered. His mouth, now sucking my neck. "Will you be mine, Rosie?" Lightly kissing my jaw line. "Will you let me in?" His mouth nibbling my lower lip for entrance.

First Place Horror in the Shining Star Awards 2019
Second Place Horror/Mystery in the Water Awards 2019 
Second Place Paranormal in the Autumn Awards 2019
Second Place Paranormal in the Vintage Awards 2019
First Place Paranormal/Horror in the Freedom Awards 2019
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#1 whathappened 10/27/19
#1 solve 2/3/20
#4 paranormal 3/5/20
#2 reveal 3/10/20
#1 died 4/1/20
#1 lifeanddeath 3/10/20
#11 originalstory 3/15/20
#2 spirit 4/1/20
#7 deathandlife 3/10/20
#1 mentallyunstable 3/5/20
#23 Dreams 3/10/20
#1 willow 3/10/20
#37 scary 3/10/20
#86 killer 4/1/20
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#70 horror 4/22/20
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