Where Life Takes Us {#Wattys2017}

Where Life Takes Us {#Wattys2017}

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Alex By Alexandra_Miraples Updated Jul 31

She was the one who timidly hid alone in the back of the library, her nose buried in countless books. He was the one who was surrounded by heaps of fellow students, mindlessly causing destruction with every chance he had received. 

She was the one who could never overstep her own boundaries, in fear that she would lose everyone that she loved around her. He was the one who never knew his own restrictions, silently hoping that everything wouldn't crumble to bits before him.

What could've been the only similarity two polar opposites shared? Traumatic pasts continuously haunted them every living moment of their lives.

~ ~ ~

Meet Averylyn Mitchell, an insecure girl who only wanted to try to fit in with the people around her, in hopes that she wouldn't be different from everyone for once. When she abruptly moved from the home she knew all her life in New York City to a small town in the countryside of Minnesota, it wasn't at all what she expected. Every day was pure torture for her to only feel out of place from everyone.

On the other hand, Walden Bradley was inevitably furious with the people around him, for reasons that others couldn't seem to understand. Despite his reasons for his sudden anger at times, fellow students couldn't help but envy the most-liked boy in high school, who had everything he could ever want right at his fingertips. Others knew that he couldn't care less about anyone other than himself.

Both individuals had secrets that they didn't dare to tell anyone, but how can broken hearts ever recover from the past without learning what comes in the future? Moving on from the past is not as simple as people say because we never truly forget the events that lead up to our futures.

Can a self-conscious, naive girl and a selfish, conceited boy balance each other out and learn the true meaning of love and life?

*COVER BY: @VictoriaKaer*

i have, 3 actually. but i didn't do much with it. i didn't want it at the time and they seemed to only hurt me in the end. that sounds so vague and weird haha sorry
TokitoAmaru TokitoAmaru May 27
Yes, about 10x but I've never had any trouble adapting. I just became part of the wallpaper 😂
I am in love with this story!! I have found so many little gems hidden in the Share Your Story thread and this is most certainly one of them :D I look forward to the rest of the story :)
TokitoAmaru TokitoAmaru May 27
The chapter was good with the flashbacks and all. But I found it a tiny-whiny bit too long.
wendlynfae wendlynfae Jul 10
This character is honestly so relatable to me (like the making friends part)
wendlynfae wendlynfae Jul 10
That's the same for me, because EVERYONE listens to country music